Tuesday, October 27, 2009

quick fix

I had a close friend's 25th soiree on the weekend...it was quite elegant, New York themed with an abundance of canapes and sweet treats not to mention flowing champagne and the sinful tequilla (yuck - but you've got to do what the birthday girl tells you).

I left the outfit til a bit late and frantically shopped all Saturday morning trying to find a black maxi dress...and success I found my maxi for $70, its a great blank canvas to mix and match, add and detract accessories. I was that desperate to purchase this piece I settled for it being a loose fitting size 12 (I'm a size 8)...a belt comes in very handy!

My friend's mum baked these scrumptious cakes...I could of stuffed my face all night but stopped at 1 piece of each.

Left: my lovely housemate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I Heart Romance

I 'm a bit obsessed with the Dollies & Pearls, Oysters & Shells collection from Romance Was Born, I think its absolutely amazing and makes you want live in that crazy wonderland they have created.

Here are a couple of my fav pieces for your to drool over!

sucker for the sun

For my first post I thought I would track back to Parklife because I base the start of Summer around this festival. I think I bought my ticket 3 months or more in advance...its a bit ridiculous when you find yourself humming and harring about what to wear that early as well....it was the boy's first time at an Australian festival and he loved it I'm happy to say.

Lady Sov was the highlight for me, well her and the cute dress I found at a cheap asian store 2 streets up from me!